Meet Jessie 

My Vision

I believe that in order to transform your body, you have to start with your mind. Transformation is an inside job. There is nothing you cant achieve when you change your mindset and your beliefs! 


Train your mind, fuel your body, love your life. 


"The Transformation Fitness Expert"

I grew up with a passion for sports and fitness, but like many, as life/adulthood got "in the way" I allowed my health and fitness to slip away. 

One day I woke up and didn't even recognize myself. I felt as if I was living in someone else's body and  living someone else's life. I wasn't living up to who I knew I could be. I was as an out of shape, overweight, overwhelmed mother of three who had let herself and her dreams go. I had the belief that making everyone else a priority was what a mother's job was, but really I barely had anything to give. I felt like a failure. 

I was determined to become mentally and physically strong enough in order to handle any challenge life threw at me. I never wanted to fear failing again. I not only stopped fearing challenges, I embraced them. And once I did everything in my life changed. I went from an out of shape broke single mother to a Professional fitness coach, UFC gym owner, Reality tv show competitor, Career Firefighter, and Founder of BelieveinU Fitness


I now am a Peak Performance Coach, helping people believe in themselves and break through the mental barriers that keep them stuck. Helping them achieve their deepest desires for Epic fitness challenges, and bucket list life adventures. Nothing is Impossible and its never too late to Believe in yourself.